5 Things You Need in Your Beach Tote Bag This Summer 2021


Headed to the beach this summer? Well I'm sure you won't be forgetting the infamous tote bag. It's practical and fashionable. It's versatile, its dependable. I mean, could we really live without it? I know I couldn't. But what are we exactly storing in this oh mighty tote bags? What makes the cut for limited space inside our bags? I understand it's a hard decision, trust me. So here I am, breaking down the 5 things you MUST have in your beach tote bag this summer. Thank me later :)

1.  A Bucket Hat

Ah yes, the bucket hat. Are you really surprised? What better accessory to a fashionable bikini than a gorgeous bucket hat? And the plus side, they act as an adder layer of shade! Even better if you ask me. There's so many different colors/styles of bucket hats out this season so you can easily pair your favorite kini with the perfect bucket hat. Light weight, and easy to store, you won't catch me dead without my bucket hat this summer season. And you can't tell me that not everyone looks good in bucket hats, I mean really. This bucket hat is from peppermayo and retails for $34. This hat looks amazing with the Victoria in color matcha!


2. A Film Camera 

Film Camera 

 What good a fun, memory filled day at the beach if you can't capture it? Film cameras are a must have in this summers beach tote bag. Small and compact, you really don't have any excuse. These fun, easy to use cameras are exactly the added touch for making this summer a truly memorable one. You can even get one that matches your personal style! Bring your film camera to a beach day, boat day, or any fun filled time and your friends and family will be so happy you did. This film camera is available at UrbanOutfitters  and retails for $36.

3. A Pair of Sunglasses

 girl with sunglasses on

Fashionable sunglasses are a must have in this summers beach tote bag. No more squinting at the beach! They are not only stylish and really complete the look, but they provide extra support on the eyes. This new style of sunglasses are my absolute fave. So chic, and they really go with every outfit. These gorgeous sunnies are from Vehla and retail for $160. 

4. Tinted Facial Sunscreen


Life changing. Is really all I have to say. You don't realize how much you need tinted moisturizer until you try it. The reasons I love tinted sunscreen is because not only does it protect you from the sun but covers up any redness and dark circles you may have, keeping you looking fresh and glowing at all times. You should always reapply your facial sunscreen every couple of hours to maximize its effects. Don't forget to apply on your neck, chest, and back of the hands! You can purchase this product on LovelySkin and it retails for $36.50 


5. A Pair Of Jelly Sandals

jelly sandals

Jelly sandals are all the new rave this summer. Everyone is talking about them and theres a reason why. They not only so pretty and chic, but they are so comfortable. I literally do not take mine off. Mix and match them to go with any swimsuit. There so many different colors and styles so choose from that you can't really go wrong with them. I'm truly obsessed. These are definitely something you do not want to forget in your summer beach tote this summer. These are available on Steven Madden  and retail for $44.95. Pair these cute sandals with the Victoria in color sky blue for the perfect beach outfit!


There you have it folks. 5 things that you MUST have in this summers beach tote bag. We are so excited to see how much you love these items for summer. Let me know down below in the comments what your must haves are for this summer. 



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