Selina Rae epitomizes the essence of women's swimwear luxury, proudly based in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, California. Crafted from sumptuously smooth fabrics, our collection features distinctive, supportive designs destined to turn heads. With a fit that hugs the body like a second skin, our swimwear promises day-long comfort without compromise. 

What sets us apart is our dedication to creating swimwear that's one-of-a-kind—you won't find it anywhere else. Each suit is made with love and tailored with our customers in mind.

The name Selina Rae is inspired by the idea of alter egos. Selina Rae represents a confident, powerful woman who commands attention wherever she goes. She's the embodiment of self-assurance and sexiness. Our founder hopes that wearing Selina Rae will inspire our customers to embrace their individuality and self-love.





Naudia's journey into swimwear design began with a personal struggle familiar to many: finding swimwear that truly flattered her curvy figure. Fueled by her passion for swimwear, she embarked on a creative journey, crafting her own designs from random articles of clothing over the years. Eventually, this passion blossomed into Selina Rae.

Her inspiration stems from the natural world, her travels, and a commitment to maintaining authenticity in everything she does. Naudia's vision for Selina Rae extends beyond mere fashion; she wants every wearer to embrace their beauty, feel confident, and revel in their unique selves when adorned in her creations.


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