Discover Our Newest Collection : The Coastal Collection, Our Colorful Collection Inspired by the Sea

Introducing our newest collection, the Coastal Collection. Inspired by the color hues of the coastal lifestyle. 
We shot our newest collection poolside in Los Angeles with models Helena and Camilla showcasing our versatile, and unique designs all featured in muted tones. Each suit is crafted with maximum comfort and fit in mind. 


Inspiration for this collection

Our latest swimwear collection draws inspiration from the lively energy and easygoing vibe of lazy summer days spent poolside. We were inspired by the playful colors and relaxed atmosphere of poolside hangouts, where every splash and sunbeam adds to the carefree ambiance. The colors of our collection reflect the sparkling waters, vibrant blooms, and sunny skies that surround the pool, while our designs capture the effortless style and confidence of those who enjoy basking in the sun. With a mix of retro charm and modern flair, this collection embodies the essence of summer fun and celebrates the freedom to enjoy life's simple pleasures.


The Lydia Top and Eva Bottoms Matcha 

Size & Fit

We know that when it comes to swimwear, fit is everything. That's why every piece in our Coastal Collection is crafted with comfort and style in mind. With adjustable straps, flattering cuts, and supportive fabrics, you can enjoy every new piece without any wardrobe malfunctions. Plus, with sizes ranging from XS to XL, there's something for every body. Just like the coastal landscape, our swimwear is as beautiful as it is versatile. Designed for maximum comfort and confidence, each piece is crafted with high-quality materials and thoughtful details. 


The Kelley Top and Rona Bottoms Bubblegum

A Color Palette Inspired by the Sea

The decision to infuse our collection with colors inspired by the sea and coastal lifestyle was deeply rooted in our founders' passion for the ocean's beauty and tranquility. Matcha green, reminiscent of the lush coastal vegetation, represents growth and vitality, echoing the vibrant ecosystem thriving along the shore. Ocean blue embodies the vast expanse of the sea, evoking feelings of freedom and adventure, while sunset pink captures the warmth and serenity of moments by the water's edge. Purple symbolizes the mystique and enchantment of ocean depths, hinting at the wonders that lie beneath the surface. Finally, charcoal brown, inspired by weathered driftwood and sandy shores, adds a grounding element, reflecting the earthy tones found along the coastline. Together, these colors tell the story of our deep connection to the sea and our commitment to celebrating its beauty through our designs.

The Lydia Top - Charcoal Brown 


In closing, our Coastal Collection isn't just about swimwear – it's a celebration of the coastal lifestyle and the beauty of the sea. With colors inspired by the natural hues of the coast, from the serene greens of coastal flora to the deep blues of ocean waves, each piece in our collection tells a story of sun, sand, and endless summer days. As you embrace the vibrant colors of our Coastal Collection, we hope it becomes more than just swimwear – but a reminder of the joy and freedom found in coastal living.



Photography: @lookfromanotherangle @Typicaljj 

Models @helena_hh @camillaelizalde


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